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Check out Red Red Shoes by Charles Way on Thursday October 11th at 7pm (or during 4th block for students)! Tickets $5 at the door.

**please note that this date is different than originally advertised. Due to scheduling conflicts on the school wide level it was necessary to Shift.**

I am so, so proud of this cast, of this show, and of this message. This play is a mixture of storytelling, dance, acting and therapy. The story is timely and timeless. Franvera is a girl who loves her family, her country and loves to dance. When trouble comes to her village and her loved ones are forced to flee, her Red Red Shoes give her hope during her refugee experience. My students have been so generous with their time, their creativity and their vulnerability. This show will make you cry. The student choreographers have elevated this show from reader's theater to important, meaningful art. Our student sound designer has created ambiance that will envelop you in the story. Our actors and dancers have stretched beyond what is normally expected of "high school kids" to create characters that make you feel. Perssico 

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